Monday, July 27, 2009

The day the trucks blew over.

So I was off to JHB again for probably the 5th time in a month except I am the driver and it will be the maiden voyage for Carrie. Carrie has become my replacement car since the cops drove over my corsa bukkie( thats right they drove over my car while chasing some devilish thief... and they didn't even pay for the damages) two months ago.

The warning signs began shortly after PMB quite literally . The new electronic warning systems placed along our frantic freeways where blaring at me "Van Reenians pass is closed due to heavy wind " in crazy orange dot matrix printer font.My immediate thoughts where that this shit hadn't been updated from yesterday because nobody trusts those fucking boards especially in this country not our road service group any way.

About 50 km from the last steep climb to the plateau the line began. All I could think was what a fucking chop. The signs where there. In this twenty min hold up the rumours started to circle around the halted cars. Some older good looking woman was pacing through the the jam frantically phoning people. She had heard that 10 trucks had be blown over on the pass and we where stuck here till 10 p.m tonight. "FUCK!" , I remember thinking. After getting on the blower to the Papa McGee he trys to give me directions to take an alt route through the mountains.I abandoned his advice and waited it out. I wasn't turning back either which was his other piece of advice.This was unexceptble never retreat never go back....I cant handle the thought of driving all the way home to start the next day this isnt MT Everest here is it?The storm will pass and I will glide up my pass. This first hold up eventually passed and was attributed to a tiny Toyota (like mine) being blown off the road into a truck.

Speeding for the the toll before the pass starts to rise because more rumours where circling about only ten vehicles where allowed up at a time.This rumour proved to be false like the previous we had to endure with optimism . Four trucks had been blown over in the one spot but had now been cleared off to one side. Surrounded by only trucks we approached ground zero the place of action satisfaction. Moving slowly surrounded by 16 wheelers carrying Suburu 4x4's my imagination starts racing with possibilities of this red 4x4 being blown onto my Carrie mimicking the cops bizarre actions two months ago except with me in the car and this time I die. Not cool! This is about when I pissed off the cops for the first time by over taking about 16 trucks in a row I hear sirens hooting at me from my rear. I extend my hand out my window letting the violent wind fill my cock-pit and flip them a peace sign. The sirens stop.
My rise up this crazy hill was halted very promptly around the corner which happened to be the crash site. Brought to a snails pace I reached for the trusty camera and tried to shoot the carnage half way through getting the camera to my left eye the cops on the side of the road started beating the drum at me again. I smiled and passed with out snapping a pic . I thought fuck that.So I stuck the muzzle out of the window and pulled a few shots at the turned over carriages without looking.

The rest of the trip was quick and painless and windless.The only thing thats was entertaining was trying to get into JHB because I had only ever driven into JHB myself once and that was on the 26 of Dec 2008 to drop my ex - girl at the airport on her way to find the world and we got lost that time but somehow my inner GPS got me to the CBD and out of all places I know how to navigate JHB CBD due to JR.

Yay I found Troon st.
"Hi my name is Arielle! Did you just piss on my wall?"

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