Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The July & Mr .Gunston 500

These are two events I have become totally bored and jaded about.But I got to pay the bills and was commisioned to take some snaps.

The July - on the 4th.
I think the July has to be the most boring event you can attend.Pusedo-prom dresses and high heels in long grass.Sounds like some bad Scobby-Doo skit.I did see a few brilliantly made pieces from the female show for the design competion and the male designer that won gave a great pulvic salute to the audiance with his male modle but other than that I would rather wake up with me having urinated on myself sleeping on the side walk in Winderemere.

The Mr . Gunston 500- on the 5 th.
Firstly I refuse to call this event anything else but the Gunston 500. It has to many fond memories for me as a young bodyboarder grom sitting on the bank at Bay all day and in the evening sneaking around drinking beer under the peer at the night surfing to call it the MR....
Its moved to Balito an apprently hotly debated manover but even thou the final was as dull as a high school surfing comp held on a Friday afternoon the competition was hugh sucesses due to the hugh swell earlier in the week.The womans event was forfited and split between the remaining ladys and the mens where comparing it to Hawaii which I thinks is pretty narley! A strange thing to be excited about in the surfing world?If anybody knows anything the GUNSTON has a notroious bad luck when it comes to swell.I used to get so bumbed when the likes of Slater ,Sunny Garcis and co use to come here and the waves where mushy 2 foot with a howling N.E wind.It always seems to hit two weeks before and/or a week afterwards.

The most exciting thing I saw all day on that main beach on the North coast was the crocodile with a missing front paw that was on display.I was so desperate for action that I secretly hoped for a vicious attack on one of the young rock spiders still burying themselves in the sand this late into the holidays.Sadly I had to settle for beer sparying over the champiion who I havnt even heard of. Well done dude!

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