Thursday, June 4, 2009

31 May 2009 Bus-Setters Go Home..or do they.

We where supposed to go home on sat the 30 of May but both Jr and I had extreme hangovers and Jr hadn't got a bag for his stock yet so we postponed to trip to sunday 11 am. As much fun as we have had  and fell in love with the town we needed to head home. For some solitude and our own beds.
So we arrive at the Park Station at 1 pm to buy a tickets but I notice the station is has lot more activity than usual.We had never booked in advance for any of the last few trips and I had feeling this was going to be the end of our  luck and I was right 2 pm bus sold out. With Dan having left already and feeling bad about asking him to come back we booked our 10 pm bus tickets and battled with the idea of waiting here for the next 8 hours. I wanted to book a room at the Formula 1 Inn but JR was having none of it . His second sever hangover in as many days has taken the wind out of his adventurous sails .

So against my will I gave into the Hungover Ass 1 and we caught a taxi back to Killarney.
JR slept the whole time while I watched shit T.V and getting increasingly frustrated with waiting.
I hate waiting it drives me insane. 9 o'clock arrives the taxi is here and we say our good byes AGAIN!.On the way down I inquire about the tickets. JR seems to have lost them.
How I don't know but these things happen. We eventually convince the ticket lady with charm and ID books we are what we say we are.She scribbles on a piece of paper and gives us the holder that normally has the ticket stapled inside.At check-in time I reliese the dude is same from last time hopefully he will remember us (although he might really remember us for flirting with his lady and stealing there chocolate eggs) and doesnt give us shit.
He checks us out and laughs.He doesnt even worry about JR's over weight luggage.
Good Bye JHB till next time.


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