Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Jumble Rumble rocked but the bus ticket saved my life!

The Jumble Rumble is market of clothes and art held by some of the coolest kids in Jhb that is held at the end of each month. This month its was at the nike gallery and Victims of Art where there representing our "vintage" clothes but mainly the big winners where the baseball jackets getting hugh respect and hype and even created a bidding war for the one. 

With it being the 18 one day to my birthday and catching a bus home at ten p.m to get back to Durban for a birthday breakfast with the Big Cheese of the Mcgee clan of Morningside , I wanted to get as many portraits with the frame before I had to bail for Park Station.It was great checking out the kids and the styles and basically networking again and looking after the stand and I got some fantastic shots but it was time to get going.

Now I will have to admit I had been drinking maybe three beers and a glass of punch but i wasn't drunk I had even eaten some chilli poppers but one of JR's friends decided to come for the short mission to town from melville and totally jinxed the whole trip with his statement, "look JR I DONT WANT TO BE GETTING ARRESTED TONIGHT."

Not even two hundred meters from the station, I can see the entrance of the fucking place. I see the sirens first then i here the WEE-WAA -WEE-WAA. Holy shit. An instant cold sweet takes residence on my forhead. Now I have already been arrested for a D.U.I if i get put in the slammer A. i will be held in JHB central station with all the lovelies of our criminal underbelly B. I will not be collecting my bail as I will be going straight to jail do not collect R200.Get the lube ready and be strapped with ciggies.

It didnt help that they found a half full beer lying in the car.Shit was looking good.
After he confirmed that i was indeed lying about not having a drink the bus ticket came in to play iI even threw in the one about its my birthday in two hours. With the sad face rocking the party he gives me a stern warning and says "if you didnt have this ticket you would be fucked!"

Another close shave I wonder how long this can go on for before this all ends in tears!


  1. Been their with a beer between my legs , got the t-shirt, made a plan got off..