Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Cities in 1 day.

No one travelled more in South Africa than I did that day I left Cape Town.The orange bitch took off from Cape Town at half seven. A full hour and half later than I expected which meant the argument with the taxi driver and all the rushing  was for nothing. Leave Cape Town - check! . The next part of the plan was for JR  to pick up "Carrie" from the studio, come to the airport and drive straight to JHB. Even with all the pleading JR was late but BIG PAPPA saved the day. Because he who knows how much I hate being late which he knows I inherited from him.I may be a disaster at many things but late I am not. My worst is when people are late for shoots or just plain dont bother phoning ahead to say they will be late. Man that really fucks me off! So I met JR at my dads studio slightly peeved but I had predicted this but he was still late, you understand?. The car had already been packed for my official Great Trek to my new home on the flatlands but I had to get there first .We spent an hour in Durban making sure everything was sorted (and picking up JR's luggage from the workshop because he forgot it in the car in the mad rush-typical) and then we hit the road. Move to Joburg- Check!
Phone your mother to tell her you are moving to a new a city.

Toll booths,stopping for petrol , Hawaiian burgers and making it up van Reenians pass without getting blown over Check!

We got to JHB by half five/six .Not bad 1800+ km in one day.I was on such a travel high I was bragging about catching a train back to Cape Town and skipping the JHB Vice party so I could say I have gone full circle...what amuses my head .... basically what I wanted to say when chatting about this day to whomever feeling very special was that it was a day of planes trains and automobiles(what ever dude).The ego adrenaline fantasy faded after media check in as I had a job to do.

The Vice Mag launch at the Baxter theatre was rad but not what I expected.The music was crazy , the venue radicle but the crowd seemed a little light on what I suppose would be the social elite of the Joburg instead it seemed more jock with a smattering of cool and the only other thing that I thought was disappointing was that I thought it was going to be the full New Young Pony Club but ...... she was beautiful and played some fantastic tracks.I danced! I m not much of dancer and I was rocking the jol.Shaking my ass with Danni and Chris , B and beautiful Kim and the crazy Ed-Hardon! Most fun !

Oh ja i thought the magazine was a little bit lite too !

What a mission.What a party. Three cities, two commercials and one new young pony!

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