Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Off to Cape Town 6-10 july.

I hate what happens to my ears when I fly .My ears quite literally cripple me to my knees and I break into a cold sweat when the plane decides to decend. The pressure builds up so much I just want to scream.If I was a spie and was kidnapped or found behind enemy lines and they wanted me to to get a hold of the digital microfilm all they would have to do to get me to spill the beans is keep me on a plane decending to the mountain till I freak out!

I filmed my first two commercials with Niceonesteve for a tools company. Not glam but the concepts are funny.I think they are on flighting on the Home network but we fucking cracked it.The rap party was small but late .I arrived home at 5 a.m and my key decided to say fuck you you can sleep outside.After half an hour of trying to scale the mountain-like walls I  was going to have to wake up the notriously ruthless Lou. She had already shouted at me the day before thinking I was Partridge who was In Pretoria publishing a paper or something but she laid into me about some bone ..."where is my fucking bone", "I had been saving up for that bone"...the whole time this rampage was being hurled at me all I could think was,"where is the hound?"

I woke up to find the other roommates had gone off to lead there daily lives  but I was stuck in my own personal saga like a drunk Rapunzel .I couldn't climb down and I could't climb out! In the backyard after failing at scampering the creeper attached to the wall I found a luck with a slanting roof that would get me to a meter from the top , the only thing was that there was some crazy electric fence. With all my cat skills of a big assed drunk bafoon I straddled the electric fence carefully and made my way to the neighbors roof  which happened to be those flimsy corrugated  rooves with a drop of 3 meters underneath it waiting for me to crash into. I scaled across back to the front of the building to where the road begins keeping to the edges. Unfortunately i was still too high but it was here where I found my navigators and biggest fans. These two chefs had been observing from across the road my slow progress and baffled at what this white bearded clearly still intoxicated dude was  climbing around on rooves with his very flash trench coat.

There navigation came in the way of a game of charades as they where behind a hugh big window across the road.I get there drift . "Cross over three more house's, there will be a door for you to enter".It was during my mounting and dismounting of rooves that where as periless as the the great Rooves of Highbury set with fantastic moss and crazy cool mould trying to send me to my possible future paraplegic self.

While I was putting my life at risk once again for one more drink the chef's had called on the front of house and the whole back kitchen to observe "The fool on the Roof".After the fifth house I launched and landed in a construction site and entered the street through the red door of paradise to a silent chef applause from behind the glass.
I bowed and I was off to find that beer! 

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  1. Is that how you actually spell your surname? 'McGeek'