Thursday, June 4, 2009

24 May 2009 "...come to Soweto for a drink and bmx fun"

The plan was for Jr and myself to cruise the zoo. His plan was to eat five ice-creams and puke on someone. Unfortunately for him I got another offer and he was hung-over. The other offer came from a friend who I had only really met once at Oppikoppie. Tyne was then working for Red Bull and she had got word of Red Bull event happening at the abandoned  nuclear power station in Soweto. This place was massive. At first I couldn't make it to the roof section cause i didnt have credentials but after finding some fellow photographers from Durbs (Tyron and Jimmy) I hustled my way up with Tyrone.I am not much of sports photographer so much of what I shot was more of the building and novel crowd shots but i did get the only shot of the biggest mishap and nearly tragic event. One of the riders who I had noticed had been ripping it up took a wrong turn from the next level up and landed on the wrong ramp. When it happened I was like"fuck thats hectic!" but I thought these guys fall all the time but it wasn't till all the other competitors starting scrambling did I relies how not cool this was.He got up pretty quickly but had broken his ankle.

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  1. The sickness-what a cool location,and such rad real ppl.Respect