Thursday, June 4, 2009

22 May 2009 -Gun Fights and Miracles in JHB Town!

BANG! as I log on to on my cell.I look left still clutching my glass bottle still one sip away from backwash.I hear again rapidly, "BANG! BANG! BANG!". out of the corner of my right eye a guy hustling pirate Nollywood dvds has dropped to the ground discarding the disk in evasive action.I glance at JR still in the shop buying stoke for MAMA."BANG!" I didnt even budge.My stoney ginger beer still waiting to give back me my gob.A mild flutter/stutter happens at the corner to my right and people stumble from around the corner where the shots have apparently been released from. I look up passed the vendours to my right selling the usual knock off PSL soccer jerseys and above these vedours is a Somali gentleman know more than 33 standing on the balcony of this pink art deco building pointing down beyond my corner with his other hand pressed up against his forehead.

BANG! and then nothing.The same guy who was flaunting those now scattered disks is retrieving his now sprayed disk pattern that seems to have lightened up the pavement that seems to have sprouted vedours so much that they seem like growths on the ceiling and on you right and left.When our eyes eventually meet after retrieving his plastic crystals of light I must have hada  panicked but intrigued look on my face because as he spoke either to me or himself he uttered the words " those fucking taxis". i pull my arm to my mouth to retrieve the now one minute fermented stoney and gob and everything is back to normal.I look again up for the  Somali like a a phantom witness to the jfk assassination back on that balcony with the best view of this action but there are now two 


 having what seems a chat about totally arb actions like ,"did you pay the electricity & is the store on Sieek st  stocked ?","i have sent Sadeek to pay the bill on Small St & Gladys has Sieek St covered",says the second Somalie 

I had only been in Jhb city center for half an hour & i got a fireworks display of the adventurous criminal kind.

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