Thursday, June 4, 2009

15 May 2009 - This Monkeys Gone to Heaven

Cruising New Josie I found this curious alien-like aircraft sitting in the emergency lane as I was about to hit the freeway .At first I just drove past amazed at what I was checking  just parked in the yellow line in the middle of know where.A little nervous I drove on only to hit the freeway looking for the nearest exit to double back and go claim a few shots of this craft .So many ideas where passing through my head. What could this contraption could be for ? Some new form of gorilla advertising? , were there more in other locations in the city?, was it some form a band promotion? because the whole vessel seemed to be covered in c.d.'s twinkling in the cold winter sunshine, maybe an installation of sorts....fuck what is it?

After doubling back I pull up the off ramp hoping praying that the vessel hasn't flown back to outer-space. Yay its there. Veer off into the yellow line ready to attack this subject with my camera. It was shrine of disks, string, plastic pearls ,ribbons and intwined these curious figures that seem to be trapped by this monkeys web of beautiful rubbish. Aliens ....woooohooo!

After a couple seconds the real pilot of this ship jumped from the bush like a yeti . We chatted for a couple of minutes and found out that they were not aliens of the extra terrestrial kind but rather from Botswana and he had been on the streets for the last 5 years decorating his trolly as a hobby. It made me think of the Rickshaw rides in Durban. Imagine getting a ride in this contraption through Melville at 10 pm on a saturday night.

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