Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The mission that went no where.

It was while I was at Splashy that Eugene got what most would think was coming to him . I didn't have a great Splashy as I got something that I wasn't expecting but that story is more dead than Eugene.I was quite disappointed at not being in JHB for this incident. By the time I got back to JHB it was time for the funeral .While on the bus back to JHB I was having dreams of barbwire and stand-offs with the police and angry rock spiders chasing me through the streets of this dorp angred by my disrespectful shooting.I really wanted to make this funeral.I really wanted to cover a story that could be one of South Africa's biggest media storms of the year.I wanted to get video of the dead body cruising the main street surrounded by flags and khaki.Unfortunately being the broke bitch I am , I didn't have enough money for petrol to get there and back and every journalist was either working somewhere else or too worried to come with me.Eventually getting R200 from the awesome Louise Gambil I race to Venterdorp knowing the funeral has started but I was determined to get there and shoot some tension as I had heard of the Costu meeting in the same town just happened to be on the same day.Recipe for destruction?

Basically all my efforts were to no avail and I missed the funeral and the meeting.I arrived in Ventersdorp to a train of cars leaving the area .The weird thing is that not many of them seemed sad or upset all these khaki clothed whities seemed really happy and chilled not the angry supremacist's I was expecting and even the black cops seemed relaxed maybe I just blew it and missed the whole jol.Maybe I should have just stayed at home.Maybe I should have bought more money cause how am I am going to get home?

"Yo! ,You Justin McGee right?", I hear shouted from the black Land Rover that was snaking with the train of motor vehicles?
"Wanna a lift?"

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