Thursday, March 18, 2010

ADIDAS - feat DARTH and his trusty bitch TROOPER

This was shot a couple weeks ago for the brand activation of the new Star Wars colab with Adidas.Murray - ( ) and I had a blast ordering the Dark Lord and his bitch around for a couple hours.I originally thought we would be able to take the piss with Darth but the dude wearing the suit was adamant that he had to keep the integrity of the suit and keep with the mystique(but there suits were so restricting that we actually had to help Darth onto the couch like an octogenarian .. how's that for spoiling the mystique?)It was like he had gone to the Darth Academy, he had his poses and shit down.Neither Darth nor his Trooper could speak while interacting with the public.Only Darth had some sounds puffing out of his suit which basically seemed like he had some hands free device under his get-up fondling his intergalactic cock with that sexy heavy breathing syncing to the occasional theme song from the franchise that is Star Wars.When they did speak to us the Storm Trooper was actually a girl which I thought was awesome. I totally wanted to make out with the storm trooper . Can you imagine crazy sex with a girl storm trooper?Lasers flying all over the place , get some role play going on , I can dress up as Darth and borrow his light saber and get spanked by my Trooper. I think my safe word would have to be something like Martha Stewart.
Jeepers what a wave!

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