Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pastels(The Coolest Kid in Durban) does KOOBINK!

"Pastels" has been like a younger brother to me for about a year and half now and with all the people I get to meet there is know one who compares to "MatKingCole"!The kids' got skills on the graf and drawing front and is the most lucid personalty around!

KOOBINK(http://twitter.com/koobink/www.koobink.com)is my good friend Craig Parsons new design label/project.After some pre-prods(gentle conversations) and me missioning around the country for work,beeing allusive,lazy between bus rides and plane trips it was time to put the money where the mouth is so to speak!

The plan.
Call on two of Durbans most craziest/coolest sons.(Introducing Ed-Hardon and Pastels)and get them to preform for me like only they can.Man the shoot was hard. I was hung over from the last bus trip and as awkwardly good looking as Pastels is, he is a hard shoot.I actually broke a sweat on this shoot!

The kid is all over the place .Each move is a singularity . Dont even bother asking for a repeat because it is never going to be as good as the first time.The boy works on another plain.Its a magical sphere none like a fish bowl where everything is only now. No bullshit, no introspection , he probably cant even remember what he just did but that is what I love about "MatKingCole"!

Here are more samples of the Ads!

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