Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creepy Steve is angsty!

I have just picked up my camera charger from the Chain and Sprocket from the gig last friday(I tend to leave shit behind). There copper pipes have just been pinched by some crap assed thieves last night .After navigating through the workman and searching the bar i found the charger hidden in a safe spot.

Thank fuck for the bar lady Shanelle! 

Friday was mental starting off at the fore mentioned venue watching the Gonzo and the City Bowl kids supported by Creepy steve and Ed-Hardon on decks spinning tracks from Tina Turner and Rick Astley in only their second gig ever...well first gig with people!Before Gonzo had finished Creepy got a bee in his angsty bonnet and wanted to leave and head for NONONO at the Willowvale hotel in Umbilo. I think he was just pissed off about everyone tjoening his scratching abilities or lack there of.Creeps you aint Ready D. The drive from Westville to Glenwood went off without a hitch until we stopped for a top up on the cash. When we pitched up at Davenport there where cops already  giving shit to some others withdrawing there earnings , trust funds or pocket money! I run across to get my cash and on the way back the cops have now pulled up behind the car. 

First thing i think is "fuck here we go".

To the credit of the cops they where very cool but Creepy's angsty side almost got him thrown in jail and two seconds from getting a face full of pepper spray. After sending the creepy idiot to the car I was able to talk the cops down and into letting me drive the car the 5 minutes to the party and tell them that we will leave the car there over night.

I cant believe that worked.

NONONO wasn't the best I have seen but it was jol . I think the peeps where saving themselves for the Jelarupa

The night ended with a stop in at the Lounge with Star-rocks,Opt , SU and Ed-Hardon for a short while to wait for the sunrise so we could go for a dip at the nearest public pool.

Note to oneself don't go swimming with your socks on!

Another long weekend coming up.

Another shit load of shooting bring it on baby!


  1. hmmmm.....a shitload of shooting hey?
    more like supporting the magic of gayness
    and skipping on your responsibilities---shot murray,keep up the excellent work! found that disk yet?---creeps

  2. wow you make living at home fulltime sound so edgy and dynamic. i'm blessed to be included in your little diary of a fashion photographer/art director,but i see this blog getting a little boring every weekend the same justin ejaculating prematurely getting agro bi-polar on people and then sulking alone at daddy's house missing the real angsty do ya want it? no but of course i'm the poes--creepy steve loved your work first